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Subjunctive Series 151
County Nighthead
1:25 000 scale

General Information

A mostly-dysfunctional English toponym generator, built using Tracery, jQuery and a fingertip's grasp of phonology by Rob Sherman.

Find and tap the algorithm-generated placenames amongst the real ones, on the real map, below.

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Leisure Information

Ornamental Szygzy Sylvan Parking Petrified (Other) Inundations (Weekends Only) Troubling Serpents

Customer Information

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This name was generated by an algorithm that tries to replicate how English toponyms originate and change over time.

All names have histories and stories behind them: even fake ones.

What do you think the story behind this place, and its name, might be? How did it come by it?

Write your answer in the box below, and click the button when you are finished.

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